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Nemesis Lockdown Sci-fi Card Deck Tray Holder System (Mk.II)

Nemesis Lockdown Sci-fi Card Deck Tray Holder System (Mk.II)

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The Mk. II tray represents the pinnacle of Newhamr's off-world manufacturing ambitions. While these are still currently being made on Earth, maybe someday they will be made...IN SPACE.

Featuring an all-new design of our very popular Sci-fi Mk.I tray, these trays represent everything you need to keep your Nemesis chaos organized.

This package includes:
- 4x trays (for Event, Intruder attack, Serious wounds, Contamination decks)
- 2x displays (for Event and Intruder attack decks)
- 2x displays (for Mars surface and Computer actions decks)

Superior features include:
- All deck trays feature magnets in the surface to allowing for custom stacking configurations.
- Magnetic display attachments can be used independent of the tray for card/deck displays
- Standard trays are designed for sleeved or un-sleeved Standard Euro cards.

Note: Special thanks to David Libeau for designing the "Hacked" font used in this listing:

Extra Note: Cards pictured are not included in this package!


  • 3D-printed plastic
  • Magnets
  • Omnissiah's blessing

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