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Series 3 Modular Card Holder System

Series 3 Modular Card Holder System

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Introducing the Series 3 Card Holder System. Brace yourself, because this game-changing magnetic card holder is about to revolutionize the way you play board games. Prepare to enter a realm of organized awesomeness where chaos is tamed and victory is (almost) within your grasp!

The Series 3 System is the sleek and stylish companion your board games have been longing for. It's not just a card holder system; it's a guardian for your precious game table. With its magnetic prowess this system effortlessly keeps your cards in line (in stack?), ensuring they stay put even in the face of epic battles and dramatic game twists.

This magnetic system boasts an unrivaled versatility that adapts to all game sizes. Whether you're dealing with USA cards, standard cards, or colossal tarot cards, the Series 3 has got you covered. 

This system features an unrivaled ability to adjust and complement any game theme! Playing Tainted Grail? Use the black trays with the classic displays. Playing Marvel Champions? Switch the classic displays for the sci-fi displays and BOOM–no more fantasy-themed components where they don’t belong.

Worried about damage to your beloved cards? Fear not! The Series 3 System treats your cards with the utmost care, cradling them gently in its organized embrace. No more bent corners or scratched surfaces to mar the beauty of your game components.

So, why settle for mediocre card organization when you can wield the power of the Series 3 Card Holder System? Unleash its magnetic charm and bring order to the board game chaos. Embrace the elegance, embrace the efficiency, and prepare to dominate your game nights like never before.

Upgrade your gaming experience with the Series 3 Card Whisperer. It's the epitome of magnetic mastery, destined to make you the envy of every gamer. Get ready to conquer the tabletop realm and bask in the glory of organized victory!


  • Each tray holds approximately 60 sleeved cards (depending on the sleeves) and  80 un-sleeved cards
  • These Series 3 card holders work with many other games, like Arkham Horror LCG, Marvel Champions LCG, LOTR LCG, Tainted Grail, Cthulhu: Death May Die, Lost Ruins of Arnak, Robinson Crusoe, Everdell, and many more!

I hope you enjoy these as much as we do!


  • 3D-printed plastic
  • Magnets
  • Omnissiah's blessing

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