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Mini Card Deck Tray System for Eldritch Horror

Mini Card Deck Tray System for Eldritch Horror

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Before disaster strikes give Roland Banks the upper hand he needs against Shudde M'ell with a complete modular mini deck organization system.

This item features our new modular magnetic deck holder system and is designed to hold all the playable mini cards for a complete Eldritch Horror collection including all small box and large box expansions.

Each set contains:
-8x Mini Trays
-2x Mini Tray Extension Attachments

With 8 total bays available you have room to split your decks into separate decks organized as: Madness/Injuries, Curses/Banes, Blessings/Boons, Unique Items, Spells, Allies/Tasks, Weapons/Trinkets, Artifacts.

These trays are compatible with both sleeved and un-sleeved cards.


  • 3D-printed plastic
  • Magnets
  • Omnissiah's blessing

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