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Modular Dice Tray for Arkham Horror 2e/3e

Modular Dice Tray for Arkham Horror 2e/3e

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Chaos comes in many forms. Do not succumb with your table space.

At Newhamr, we use this dice tray system every time we play Arkham Horror and Eldritch Horror. The modular trays can be swapped, re-arranged, and stacked. The ability to have all the tokens and dice within easy reach makes this tray a Mi-go no-brainer.

Each dice tray set features 5 magnetic stackable podium side trays that can be configured around the main dice tray to organize every scenario:

- 3 x token trays
- 2 x split token trays

5 podium side trays can be stored inside the main dice tray for convenient storage (see pictures).

The newHamr Imperator dice tray system will blend with any game in your collection and keep your table organized. Other games we use this tray for include: Too Many Bones, Undaunted, Nemesis, Tainted Grail

Extra podium side trays and the podium scaffold may be purchased separately! (see our Store or Etsy shop).

*Note: Dice and tokens pictured do not come with the Dice Tray System! Don't even think about it.


  • 3D-printed plastic
  • Magnets
  • Omnissiah's blessing

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